Hyundai packs more value into new Tucson SE

By: Keith Kalawsky   |   16 Sep 2016

Hyundai has added two new models to the Tucson lineup for 2017, the 2.0L SE and the 1.6T SE. The car carrier dropped off two of them yesterday here at Castlegar Hyundai.

These additions reflect Hyundai's focus on adding features of high value to our customers without adding much to the price. For the 2.0L SE, Hyundai took the premium model and added leather seating, panoramic sunroof with LED maplight, a power adjustable driver's seat and dual-zone automatic temperature control. This special package is positioned between the 2.0L Tucson premium and the 2.0L Tucson luxury. The 1.6T SE will also include these features for 2017.

The end result is that you can enjoy the addition of luxury and comfort features without having to chose the top models in the Tucson lineup. With this change to the models for 2017, we are now offering extra choices in this highly-regarded and well-received compact SUV. 



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