Top 10 Reasons to Visit Castlegar Hyundai today

By: Keith Kalawsky - Castlegar Hyundai   |   11 Oct 2013

10. We won't play Christmas music in November. In fact, we won't play Christmas music, period. Just Classic Rock, Top 40 -- or maybe country if the wrong person gets control of our satellite radio.

9. For the first time ever, we're offering Employee, Friends and Family Pricing at Castlegar Hyundai, which means some pretty sweet price adjustments on most Hyundai vehicles.

8. Two of our newest vehicles -- the 2013 Santa Fe and 2013 Elantra GT, were named best new vehicles in their respective classes by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada, a group of automotive zealots who truly enjoy finding fault with cars and trucks. In other words, these awards actually mean something. Last year, the Accent, Veloster and Tucson won their categories.

7. You can buy winter tire packages at Castlegar Hyundai for prices you would not normally expect from a dealership. We shopped suppliers this year to get the best value. If you drop by, you'll see that our showroom is stacked to the ceiling with tires. We've got selection.

6. Not only does Hyundai offer exciting, well-designed vehicles, we offer some valuable extras, including our five-year or 100,000 km comprehensive warranty. Compare that coverage to three years or 60,000 km for most other manufacturers.

5. The Santa Fe and Elantra GT include Driver Selectable Steering, neat technology that allows drivers to customize vehicle handling and responsiveness by pushing a button on the fly.

4. We have leftover Halloween candy. If you've had enough or lack willpower, we can also hide this candy from you.

3. We managed to scrounge up two more Hyundai Tucson "Premium" models. This vehicle, produced in very limited quantities, is upgraded with a panoramic sunroof, alloy wheels, satellite radio, fog lights and remote start -- at no extra charge. This package is worth several thousand dollars in savings, along with the priceless luxury of never climbing inside a cold vehicle in January.

2. We will take a few minutes to discuss exactly what you would like in your next vehicle, from options to colour, and we will listen carefully.

1. Hyundai is Korean just like pop star PSY: Learn his Gangham Style moves here.

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