Hyundai re-launches certified pre-owned program

By: Keith Kalawsky - Castlegar Hyundai   |   11 Oct 2013

The idea or concept of a "certified" used vehicle has been around for many years in the automotive industry. For some manufacturers, it was little more than a marketing gimmick. Besides a fancy label, a certified used car didn't seem much different than any other pre-owned vehicle. As dealer, it seemed to me that a certified pre-owned program was just a cash grab by the manufacturer as they took a portion of your profit on every used vehicle. So I'll admit, I was a little skeptical when Hyundai recently re-launched its certified program. But after digging into the details, I think there is a real heft behind this offer. A certified Hyundai  includes much more than a label. For a pretty reasonable investment, a customer can enjoy extra warranty on top of Hyundai's already long and comprehensive factory warranty. The finance rates on certified used Hyundai's compare very favorably to rates on new vehicles.  We've seen rates well under three per cent on some models. Customers also get a free oil change and the comfort of knowing the vehicle had to pass a very thorough inspection. We've had many customers choose certified pre-owned vehicles already and I suspect that many more will go this route. Given the quality of today's cars and trucks, used vehicles last a long time. With the savings available and now the ability to enjoy attributes once reserved for vehicles, it should create additional demand for these high-quality pre-owned units.  

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