Up to $14,000 in government incentives on 2020 models

The Hyundai KONA EV continues to grab the attention of many electric-vehicle shoppers, but Hyundai now offers another compelling option in this segment. The 2020 Hyundai IONIQ, now at Castlegar Hyundai, is available in two impressive versions: electric and plug-in hybrid. 

On a single charge, the new IONIQ electric will travel an estimated 275 kilometers, making this attractive and advanced car a legitimate option for Kootenay drivers desiring an emissions-free vehicle. For others seeking savings on fuel, but also more range and versatility, the IONIQ Electric Plus fits the bill. This plug-in hybrid provides zero-emissions and fully-electric driving for short trips, paired with a fuel-efficient engine for those longer journeys. If you suffer from a tinge of range anxiety, the IONIQ Electric Plus is a guaranteed cure.

Castlegar Hyundai is the Hyundai-certified electric and hybrid dealer for the Kootenays. We've seen a steady uptick in questions and visits from customers interested in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, so we stock both versions of the 2020 Hyundai IONIQ for viewing and test drives. Our product advisors are available to support your research.  View our Hyundai IONIQ inventory here.

Along with the many benefits of the Hyundai IONIQ -- advanced technology, fuel savings, low or zero emissions, just to name a few -- another incentive is the significant savings available through federal and provincial rebate programs. For example, the federal government currently provides a $5,000 rebate on the IONIQ EV. In addition, the B.C. government provides $3,000 through its CEV program. And, there is a limited number of "Scrap-It" incentives available for drivers that choose an electric vehicle and wish to recycle an older used vehicle. With all of these incentives, there is up to $14,000 in rebates available on the IONIQ EV, making it an exceptionally affordable choice, not just an environmentally responsible one. Conditions and limitations may apply to these incentives, so please contact us at Castlegar Hyundai for more details on terms and availability.

There are several models and packages available in the IONIQ. Here is a link to additional information from Hyundai Canada. But if you would like to explore this vehicle, ask questions, and drive the EV or Plug-In version, simply contact us at Castlegar Hyundai by phone (250) 365-5200 or e-mail us here.

Hyundai IONIQ Preview

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